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Changes to EC Policy

The APIIT and APU Extenuating Circumstance Policy has recently been updated.

It is important that you understand the changes which will take immediate effect.
Full details are in the Policies and Regulations section available on Webspace.

  1. Submitting claims for EC for illness for EXAMINATIONS.

    The only evidence that APIIT/APU will accept is a letter from a Specialist Medical Centre or Government Hospital.

    NOTE: An MC from a private clinic or general practice doctor will not be accepted.

    The University will not accept self-certification of your own circumstances or other evidence which is not supplied by a Specialist Medical Centre or Government Hospital.
  2. Submitting multiple claims for EC for the SAME piece of assessment

    APIIT/APU will not accept a claim for extenuating circumstances for the second or subsequent attempt of the same element of assessment (exam or coursework) where an EC has been upheld for a previous attempt.

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