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Micro-Credentials @ APU Programme Registration

Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 16:52

What is a Micro-Credential?
A new, innovative method of learning and up-skilling yourself! It has been practiced globally by online and offline world-class educational institutions. In this modern world, education evolves into something that gives you a chance to focus on a different type of skill that may or may not is related to your field of study.

Digital form of certificate indicating competency in a specific area.
Serves as an added value for students towards their existing qualification or professions.
Earned by completing a short course which is assessed.


How Will the Micro-Credential Course be delivered?

Via online Distance Learning (ODL).
Moodle - main repository of knowledge and Learning Management System (LMS).
Microsoft Teams - platform for communication and Collaboration.
All learners will be given complimentary access to Office 365 software.


What Will You get Upon Completing a Micro-Credential?

Digital Award Certificate
Digital Badge


Why Should you Pursue Micro-Credentials?

Added Value for Students
Structured Learning
Multidisciplinary Roles & Widening of Skills


Benefits of Micro-Credentials!

On-Demand Skill-Based Shareable
Learning at your own time & pace - Each micro-credential takes place 100% online. Designed to provide learners with knowledge, skills and competencies in bite sized modules. Earn a Digital Badge, Certificate & Transcript upon completion which can be added to your resume and online profiles to impress your potential employers.

Micro-credentials offer a way for learners to sharpen their competency, to obtain a new series of skills, to prepare yourself as a fit candidate for the job your heart desires. In a sea of competitors, you can be the one who stands out. MICRO-CREDENTIALS gives you exactly what you need; it is flexible & affordable. Not to mention, an abundance of benefits that come with the program!

Upon the fulfillment of the programme, you'll be rewarded with a digital badge, certificate & a mention in your transcript to boost your CV and online profiles to impress your potential employers.

The program is designed for you!


How does Micro-Credentials @ APU works?


Please click HERE for registration.

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