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There have been an increasing number of incidences involving students renting cars and driving in Malaysia and then getting involved in serious accidents, resulting in injury and even loss of life. In addition, students have been required to pay for damages to vehicles driven by them, simply because there was insufficient insurance coverage.


Therefore, extra precautions must be taken when you intend to rent a car either for short period or on weekly or monthly terms.


You should only rent vehicles from legitimate vehicle rental firms who have a license to operate, even though it might be slightly more expensive.


You will get into serious trouble should you be involved in an accident, as the vehicle’s insurance will not provide coverage for such accidents you had rented it from an unlicensed company. All repairs and damages will then have to be borne by yourself.


The following points should be taken into consideration when you intend to lease any vehicle for personal or recreation purposes:


  • Only lease vehicle from legitimate car rental companies. Individuals who approach you (or whom you might find through social media) with cars to rent would most likely not be licensed to carry out such a business.


  • Ensure that the vehicle you are about to lease is insured with the appropriate insurance coverage/liability.


  • You must have a valid Malaysian driving license or a recognized International Driving license while driving the vehicle.


  • Read carefully & understand the Leasing Terms & Condition before acknowledging the lease.


  • Request from the leasing company contact details when emergency services is required or during any emergency such as vehicle accident.


  • Do not surrender any official personal document to the leasing company or its representative when you are involved in any accident or mishap.


  • Public transport may be another choice should you made plans to travel around the country.


The University will not be in a position to assist you should you get into trouble with these individuals who offer you rental cars.


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