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Project: Mind Symposium

Mind Symposium

Mental illness is often misunderstood by many and sometimes we dismiss it as being sad, lazy, problematic or crazy. These stigmas that  societies carry is one of the main the reasons why people with mental illness are still suffering in silence. In extreme cases, mental illness can lead someone to believe that suicide is the only way to end the pain they are living with. Together, we can start to break the stigma and learn about mental illnesses. The first step is to understand what the illnesses are and how to offer help. Many people don’t realize that people with mental health illness can lead a normal healthy life when they have the right support from their loved ones.   

Project Mind: Symposium is a 2 days symposium co- organized by APU and Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA) to raise awareness about mental health issues. MMHA aims to promote mental health and create greater awareness on mental wellbeing and  illness in the community. MMHA has been advocating for positive attitudes towards mental health issues and to destigmatise mental illness in order to create a safe and accepting environment for mental illness sufferers. 

Mind Symposium

Please make the payment before the day of the event.

You can make your payment directly to MMHA's account

(CIMB : MALAYSIAN MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCIATION 800-2313-886) and e-mail the receipt to Ms.Siti Sarah at or make the payment to Ms.Siti Sarah, School of Foundation, Level 4 Block E.

To register, please click on this link

APU students are charged RM10 and others are charged RM20.

Students/ staff need to inform that they are from APU if they bank into MMHA account directly.

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10.30am to 01.00pm

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