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PTPTN Hardcopy Submission - Deadline 26th November 2020

Dear Student,

Greetings from APU/APIIT,

PTPTN Hardcopy Submission - Deadline 26th November 2020
To all Malaysian Students who have submitted their PTPTN Online Application within 1st to 31st October 2020: Please note that the DEADLINE for PTPTN hardcopy submission is 26th November 2020 (Thursday).

  1. 2 duty stamps – (RM10 each for loan agreements – purchase at any Post Office )
  2. Print 2 sets of PTPTN agreements (login, download and print from PTPTN website or check your email)
  3. Complete 2 sets of the agreements (sign and write date on the required fields-use only black ball pen).
  4. Leave it blank for the Saksi section. (If you submit to APU, then we will sign for the saksi section. If not, then you may politely ask PTPTN officer or any Gov Officer i.e. School Principal or Police Officer Rank ASP/above to sign the saksi section)
  5. Date must be same for both agreements.
  6. Offer Letter – No need to attach APU/APIIT Offer letter if you submit the PTPTN hardcopy to APU. However, if you are away from KL and want to submit the PTPTN hardcopy directly to PTPTN Office, please email us your details (name, TP number); we will revert to you the soft copy of the APU/APIIT Offer letter.

All documents must be in A4 size paper and printed single sided.

IMPORTANT : If you want to submit the PTPTN hardcopy to APU, please book an appointment via

However, if you are NOT in KL then you need to submit the PTPTN hardcopy (Completed 2 sets of the PTPTN loan agreements with APU/APIIT Offer letter) to any PTPTN Office nearby your current location. You may check the PTPTN Office location from this link . Please ensure you submit the PTPTN Hardcopy, otherwise the pre-approval will be invalid. Please inform us if you encounter any issues while submitting the PTPTN hardcopy.

Student are also require to fill up the CIMB Direct Debit form: APU / APIIT and email the softcopy to

If you have any queries about PTPTN Loan; please email us at or meet Mr. Hafiz/Mr. Fahmi/Ms. Nor Firdaus at Student Services Office @ Level 3 APU New Campus.

Thank you. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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